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In September 2018 we bought our dream house on the countryside outside of Halmstad. The garden was huge and we knew from the start that we wanted to use this space for something creative which enabled other people to enjoy this beautiful place. We just weren’t sure how to do it.

There was a guest house on the yard already, but our motivation didn’t kick in by the thought of renovating it as we wanted to do something different. Guest houses are for rent all over Halmstad. We didn’t have time or money to build something new from scratch either, so the options were limited. Pretty early on we also realised that our location in the middle of the forest but very close to the beach is what makes our place magical. We want to invite people to enjoy the nature experience and wild life that has become everyday life for us, but that is very exotic for people in the city.

Since one of us had lived abroad for many years, we were familiar with the glamping phenomena and it was the kind of accommodation we would appreciate while going away for the weekend. Something that is not only about sleeping, but about having an experience to remember.

We headed over to Pinterest (our no.1 inspiration hub), checking cool ideas from glamping sites all over the world and also reached out to a few places to ask how they got started. A few days later we bought a tent, and after that our creativity went wild!

We decided early on that we wanted to decorate the space with vintage interior, for many reasons. Staying close to nature makes one more aware of the need to adjust our lifestyle to protect the beautiful planet we have. Recycling and reusage is only one way of doing so, but we believe that if people experience nature and outdoor living, our impact on the environment becomes more obvious. In addition to that, the interior details chosen carefully at local auctions and in vintage shops, gives our tent a soul. It’s a win-win.

A few months later, Bengtzeli’s Glamping was established and now we want to invite you to a unique experience close to the most precious thing we have - nature.

/ Helena & Jonas 

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